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Dr. Theresa Harring

Dr. Harring is not new to the injection game.  She started learning anatomy and injecting medications 22 years ago as a volunteer dental assistant under the watchful eyes of her father.  She continued learning at Baylor College of Medicine, graduating with a medical degree in 2008, and honed her craft even further during her four years as a General Surgery resident, where she worked in the Plastic Surgery department in addition to transplanting livers, removing gall bladders, and repairing gunshot wounds. Now an Emergency Medicine physician, which provides a way better work/life balance and time for family (kiddos Sherry, Annabelle, and Ivy and husband, Scott), Dr. Harring spends her time saving lives and puts her injection experience to good use.  She took her first course on Aesthetic Medicine in the fall of 2013 and continues to learn new techniques to build her aesthetic portfolio. 


"My reason for getting into Aesthetic Medicine was simple - my Mom.  My mother was raised in a generation that planned on having a face lift.  Her mother, my grandmother, had two!  I was completing my surgical training in a time that Botox and fillers were just being recognized for major anti-aging improvements without going under the knife - I wanted my mother to try Botox and fillers first.  I found the best Dermatologist in Houston and took her to see him.  She walked away rejuvenated, but also with a $3000 bill, and an appointment to do it all again in 3 more months.  My mother returned one more time, but then realized that she couldn't keep up with that price tag, so she did what almost everyone naturally does - she found a better deal.  The problem was, when she went to a different clinic, the physician evaluated her, but then a nurse injected her the first time and a medical assistant injected her the next time.  My Mom suffered a significant brow drop that left her face lopsided for 3 months.  I realized that I do injections every day, and have since I first started into my medical career, 20 years ago.  I have studied facial anatomy for years.  I know the complications, and I know how to avoid them.  I wanted to provide better, safer service to my Mom, so I started my Aesthetic Medicine training.  I slowly started injecting close family, then not-so-close family, then close friends, and suddenly I found that I had a business." - Dr. Harring

christina Matula, RN

Christina's bio is coming soon!  She is our amazing former-Labor and Delivery nurse, who is dedicated to her family, and to her craft of putting in IVs.  She is now a master at all things facial and loves helping patients realize their skin care goals.  She says that Dr. Theresa is better than most docs at drawing blood and floating IVs, but Christina still thinks she is better!  

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